Open Architecture Solutions for Embedded Systems

Crossfield® applies emerging processing, networking and storage technologies to create innovative devices ranging from ultra-low-power wireless sensors to ultra-high-performance embedded systems.

Innovative Solutions to New Challenges

Crossfield Technology’s research and development team specializes in creating innovative solutions for challenging applications in commercial, industrial, and defense markets. In applications such as real-time sensor data acquisition and physics-based simulation, our Instrumentation Gateways connect modular sensors and transducers to real-time signal processors using ultra-high-speed fiber optic links with data rates approaching 100 Gbps. In applications such as environmental sensing and data logging, our wireless sensors communicate at much slower speeds but can operate for extended periods of time, a year or more, on battery power. For embedded systems, Crossfield is applying ultra-high-performance storage, networking and processing technologies to SWaP constrained applications.